We combine trust & innovation to give you something no one else ever has.

Yield on Gold.

We turn physical gold custodied with a Sovereign Mint into a cash flowing asset.
Gold that pays you to own it.

Gold + Yield: A Better Gold Investment


Gold + Yield

It’s Gold

It’s Safe

It Pays You To Own It

    Investing is simple (in theory).

    Buy investments that go up in value over the long term, go up when your other investments go down, generate cash flow for as long as you own it.

    Principal protected yield on gold is an undeniable option for serious investors, including those who don’t own gold today.

    Addressing a significant gap in the market

    Gold, a globally recognized enduring and uncorrelated asset class, has often been criticized for its inability to generate income. We bridge this divide with disruptive investment solutions, offering sustainable, real yield on physical gold ownership.

    The market

    Investors are increasingly turning to the appeal of yield on gold, particularly when stored in sovereign mints.Sovereign mints, like the Royal Canadian Mint, are a unique combination of stability and security. The appeal lies not only in the intrinsic value of gold but also in the additional income generated through yield opportunities. As gold becomes digitized and tokenized, it enables instant settlements of transactions and it paves the way for seamless trading, leveraging the trust associated with established institutions.


    The instant settlement of transactions structurally requires traders to maintain gold & USD liquidity for effective market making and to benefit from arbitrage opportunities.This convergence of traditional precious metal ownership with our modern technology opens up avenues for investors seeking both stability and returns. Gold stored in sovereign mints combined with our technology,present a compelling proposition, fusing time-tested reliability with innovative financial opportunities.

    Our Offering

    We deliver these innovative solutions through familiar investment vehicles, making them accessible and appealing to a broad range of investors.

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